French Markets. 


We have information on French markets that are held in England.

If you have been to France then you will know that French markets are must to visit,

and they are full of interesting characters and wonderful French produce.

The French markets have a wide range of delicious cheeses and breads.
Traditional items and mouth-watering food.

We will help you buy produce direct from a professional French Market in towns across the UK.













Information on the French Markets

From French


France at Home is a well established team, having initiated the very first French Market to be held in the UK as long ago as 1994. It is still the only authentic French Team; our traders mostly come from different ‘departments’ in Normandy and cross the Channel every week to offer a wide range of top quality products. These are generally local and regional cheeses, bread freshly baked every day, patisserie products, olives and dried fruits, handbags, jewellery, provencal soaps, and much more.

We are getting more and more requests for visits as the success of our markets is widely recognised. Our stall-holders selling meat and dairy produce have all received the UK Level 2 Award in Food Safety.









French Produces

Olives, Dried Fruits, Spices
Cider and Calvados    Sausages
Jams and Honey
Montelimar Confectionery
Onions, Garlic, Shallots
Flowers, Fruit & Vegetables
Jewellery and Leather goods

New products on sale -
Speciality breads, biscuits from Brittany
wood crafts, fruit scented soaps















1 & 2


Market Cross



Market Hall

8 & 9


Market Place



Priory Lane

14 & 15


High Road - near Argos

16 & 17

Willesden Green

Near the Library

22 & 23

Leigthon Buzzard

Town Centre



High Street

29, 30 & 31

Market Harborough

Town Centre


Association France At Home
Tel: 00 44 (0)7817 433827/ 00 33 (0)683 338782
e-mail :





Brunomart French Market.

As of 2009 we will only be operating 1 group of continental market traders coming to Great Britain, usually for 3 or 4 days at the end of the week.  It will consist of - 28 to 35 Stalls (60% food 40% Crafts and manufactured products)

Our markets are based on small traders selling directly to the public in the high street or adjacent street and comprise high quality food and craft stalls, creating an attraction that brings people into the town centre.  Having traded every week in England for over 9 years with 2 Teams, Brunomart is now the most experienced market team within the UK.

Many consumers enjoy the opportunity of experiencing at first hand the unique atmosphere of continental outdoor shopping. Our traders are polite, professional, insured and fully licensed.  All our traders enjoy coming to England because of the warm welcome they receive.

We are offering a wide range of goods including honey, pancakes, olives, charcuterie, cheese, wine & Calvados, spices, Belgium chocolates, jams, garlic & onions, homemade biscuits to name a few.

We only visit each location no more than twice a year to keep it a novel experience. Most towns have found it an excellent idea, increasing the foot traffic, and thus increasing sales turnover for the local shops.   Moreover, our visits provide an ideal opportunity to bring together the whole community whatever your cultural background.

We advertise our presence with posters and contact with local newspapers in order to maximise the awareness of the event. Some town councils participate in promoting our visit, thus making the event even more special.

If you want to discuss the possibilities of adding your town to our regular UK tour, please call 01737 832718 or email Bruno Girardeau.

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